MomForBaby is a Polish brand that was created out of a passion for original aesthetics and unique designs. I am a mother of two children who inspired me to create something unique and extraordinary. Our small company is constantly developing, and we try to improve our products so that they will please your eyes for years. We want the accessories for your treasures to be unique. We take care of the smallest details, because we value high quality and safety of the youngest.

Our products are made of high-quality materials, consisting only of natural fibers. You will find, among others, bedding, sheets, covers, waffle sets. The fabrics from which they are sewn have the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 quality and safety certificate in class I - this is the highest quality mark, and products marked with it meet the stringent quality and safety requirements.

The filling used in the bedding is a silicone non-woven fabric, which also has the above-mentioned certificate, does not absorb moisture and ensures adequate air circulation. All accessories, such as pompoms or tassels, are made by hand from cotton yarn. Each product is decorated with a tag with the MomForBaby logo, which is made of natural fibers, which makes it soft to the touch. You don't have to cut it off to remind you of us if necessary.

It is for you that we try to improve every detail and constantly develop, which is why MomForBaby's products include our proprietary AUTUMN FOREST and AUTUMN MEADOW bedding designs. They will surely steal your hearts!

May the children sleep comfortably ...

We also carry out individual orders, which you can place by e-mail or Instagram:

MomForBaby Ewelina Kowalska

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